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LAURENCE FENTON is a writer and editor living in Cork, Ireland. He received a PhD in History from University College Cork in 2003 before working as an archaeologist and bookseller across Ireland and England. Since 2009, he has worked as an editor, copy-editor and proofreader on everything from cookery magazines and travel books to academic monographs and biographies of figures like Rory Gallagher and Oscar Wilde.
He has also written a number of history books in this time, including Frederick Douglass in Ireland: 'The Black O'Connell' (2014), which the Irish Times praised as 'a fascinating read' and which has recently been reprinted by Gill Books. His other books are The Young Ireland Rebellion and Limerick (2010), Palmerston and The Times: Foreign Policy, the Press and Public Opinion in Mid-Victorian Britain (2012) and 'I Was Transformed' Frederick Douglass: An American Slave in Victorian Britain (2018).

His articles, on topics ranging from the Crimean War to F. Scott Fitzgerald, have been published in newspapers, journals and magazines like the the Irish Times, the Scotsman, the Historical Journal, Media History and History Today. 

Laurence can be contacted at
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