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I have worked as an editor, copy-editor and proofreader for more than a decade. Although particularly interested in history and archaeology, I have worked across a wide range of subjects for traditional publishers as well as independent authors. At present, I work primarily on academic books, articles and PhDs. I also provide indexes and can be contacted at


Yaacov Nir, author of Immigration to Palestine During the British Mandate, 1922-1948: 'Sincere appreciation is extended to Laurence Fenton who edited and proofread the book, and much improved its structure as well as its language.'

Giulia Magazzu, "Gabriele d'Annunzio" University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy: 'Thank you for your very fast and excellent work.'

Prof Juri Engelbrecht, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia: 'I would like to acknowledge the excellent help from Laurence Fenton on the style and English grammar of the manuscript.'

Dr Osvaldo Agamennoni, National University of the South, Argentina: 'Thanks to Laurence Fenton for his excellent proofreading work.'

Dr M. Dan Georgescu, University of Calgary, Canada: 'The proofreading process is professional, of high quality, in perfect timing, and all at an excellent price. After the first proofread manuscript, I realized immediately that I found the proofreader with whom to collaborate over a long time. Five stars without hesitation!'

Dr Besmir Fidahic, author of Linguistic Justice at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: 'It has been a pleasure to work with Laurence on both my book and academic articles. The proofreading is high-quality and the communication with the author is very clear.'

Dr Olusola Ogunnubi, University of the Free State, South Africa and Samuel Oyewole, Federal University, Nigeria: 'We must sincerely thank you for coming to our rescue to provide an excellent editorial assistance. The proofreading we received from you was timely and thorough. We look forward to sending you more manuscripts for editorial assistance in the future.'

Dr Shun-Ping Chen, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Germany: 'It was a great pleasure to work with you. I am deeply impressed. Thank you again.'

Examples of work:

Marcus Connaughton, Rory Gallagher: His Life and Times (The Collins Press, 2012)

Substantive Copy-Editing: 
Ed Walsh, Upstart: Friends, Foes and Founding a University (The Collins Press, 2011)
Gerard Hanberry, More Lives Than One: The Remarkable Wilde Family Through the Generations (The Collins Press, 2011)

Dominic Price, The Flame and the Candle: War in Mayo, 1919-1924 (The Collins Press, 2012)
Hugh Carthy, Burren Archaeology: A Tour Guide (The Collins Press, 2011)
Aiveen Kemp, The River Shannon: A Journey Down Ireland's Longest River (The Collins Press, 2011)
Niall Mac Coitir, Ireland's Animals: Myths, Legends and Folklore (The Collins Press, 2010)

Tina Byrom and Jackie Cawkwell (eds), The Teaching and Learning Challenges of 21st-Century Higher Education: Prioritising Pedagogy (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2023)
Sol Raulson, Debunking Myths About Terrorism (Kindle Edition, 2023)
Maryann P. DiEdwardo, Teaching Peace Through Transformative Literature and Metaethics (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2023)
Ganesh Prasad Pandeya and Tatsuo Oyama, Vitalizing Local Government Performance, Citizen Participation and Socioeconomic Development (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2023)
Ramón Serrano, An Introductory Course on Molecular Biology (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2023)
Medhi Fakour, Davood Domiri Gangi and Alireza Ahmadi, Applications of Magnetohydrodynamics for Heat Transfer Enhancement (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2023)
Emmanuel Nartey, Ethics and Integrity in the Rule of Law and International Law (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2023)
Yaacov Nir, Establishment and History of the Cyprus Detention Camps for Jewish Refugees, 1946-1949 (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2023)
Oleg Timofeyev, The Seven-String Guitar in Russia: Its Origins, Repertoire and Performance Practice, 1800-1850 (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2023)

Nodar Kekelidze et al., InAs1-XPX Semiconductor Solid Solutions in Modern Electronics (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022)
Luca Buffa, Intangible Squared: Digital Marketing for the Hospitality and Service Industry (Luca Buffa, 2022)

Erland G. Kolomyts, Experimental Geographical Ecology: Problems and Methods (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022)
Giulia Magazzu, Dealing With Multilingualism in TV Series: A Descriptive and Multimodal Analysis (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022)
Meddour Belkacem, Fatigue of Materials: Courses and Exe
rcises (LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2022)
Radhakrishna Reddy and Y. Aditya, Introduction to General Relativity, Cosmology and Alternative Theories of Gravitation (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022)
Ayachi Errachdi, Introduction to Digital Control of Linear Time Invariant Systems (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022)
Neslihan Demirbas, Arif Mermer and Ahmet Demirbas, Green Methodologies Leading to the Formation of New C-C and C-Heteroatom Bonds (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022)
Mikio Fukuhara, Earth Science and Deuterium Nuclear Reactions: The Origins of Heat, Elements and Water (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022)
Stamatia Gerothanasi, A Multimodal Approach to the Study of Opera in Aribert Reimann's Medea (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022)
Boris A. Kolesov, An Introduction to Ramen Spectroscopy (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022)
Belkacem Meziane, From Nonlinear Dynamics to Trigonometry's Magic: A Definite Vision of the Lorenz Equations (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022)
Emmanuel Nartey, Remedy for Human Rights Abuses Under Tort and International Law (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022)
Emmanuel Nartey, Accountability and Corporate Human Rights Violations in Tort and International Law (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021)
Yaacov Nir, Immigration to Palestine during the British Mandate, 1922-1948 (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021)
Nelson de Matos, Manuela Guerreiro, Patricia Pinto and Julio Mendes (eds), Marketing, Creativity and Experiential Design (Cambridge Scholars Publishing)
M. Dan Georgescu, Introduction to Microfossil Biostratigraphy (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021)
Angela Sileo (ed.), Audiovisual Translation as Trans-Creation: A Collection of Essays (UniversItalia, 2021)
Juri Engelbrecht, Complexity in Social Systems and Academies (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021)
Kalinga Seneviratne and Sundeep R. Muppidi (eds), COVID-19, Racism and Politicization: Media in the Midst of a Pandemic (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021)
Michaela Praisler and Oana-Celia Gheorghiu (eds), The Odyssey of Communism: Visual Narratives, Memory and Culture (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021)
Osvaldo Agamennoni, Our Self-Organized Brains: A Systemic View of Human and Social Learning (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021)
Edoardo Villata, 1478, a Year in Leonardo da Vinci's Career (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021)

Zoran Matevski (ed.), The Role of Religion in Peace and Conflict (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021)
Roland Bardy et al., Public Goods, Sustainable Development and the Contribution of Business (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021)
Besmir Fidahic, Linguistic Justice at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020)
Ksenija Vidmar Horvat, Peripheral Europe: On Transitology and Post-Crisis Discourses in Southeast Europe (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020)
Olusola Ogunnubi and Samuel Oyewole (eds), Power Politics in Africa: Nigeria and South Africa in Comparative Perspective (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020)
M. Dan Georgescu, A Monographic Study and Atlas of Late Cretaceous Planktic Foraminifera, Part 1 Globotruncanids (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2020)
Shun-Ping Chen, Fundamentals of Information and Communication Technologies (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020)
Giulia Magazzu, Valentina Rossi and Angela Sileo (eds), Reception Studies and Adaptation: A Focus on Italy (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020)
Mike Cronin, Doesn't Time Fly? Aer Lingus - Its History (The Collins Press, 2011)
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